Graphic designers – tackle more complex web site projects

  • Improve the profitability of your web site design operation
  • Avoid having to persuade your clients to go for the less technical solution
  • Technical support available 18 hours per day
  • Excellent payment terms – helps your cash flow

Have a rock solid reliable technical contact to be available to answer and provide you with code and configuration assistance 18 hours per day.

Offer a more complete and extensive product/service portfolio to your customers.  Be able to provide what they want whatever the complexity.

Be more competitive within the web development industry, raise the level of technical sophistication that you include in your projects.

If your client wants additional functionality in you web site then you are now able to provide it (and receive extra profit).

Will the technical solution work?  You bet!  Just think for a moment about the clients that have benefited from our technical skills, these include British Telecom, Unilever and Ford as well as many smaller companies.

On-going support and maintenance are available so you can be assured that any changes your clients want can be serviced and you can produce more profit by charging them for upgrades and improvements.

You concentrate on what you are best at: The design process, knowing that the technical aspects of the project are being produced by us.

We produce a document which details in simple language how we are going to build the solution so you can use these details in your quotation to your client.  We can spend a lot of time getting this stage of the process correct so you know what will be done and so does your client.

So we do the following: Help gather requirements by giving you the questions to ask, write a specification document that you can adapt and give to your client, provide a simple all inclusive price for the work, provide excellent payment terms so you can go ahead with the project without impacting your cashflow.

We take your design (supplied in an agreed format such as .PSD) and integrate the logic code into the design, debug then upload the finished pages onto the server.  You have full control of the design of the web site, we simply add the functionality and make it perform the tasks that are required in an efficient and secure way. E.g. database access etc.

If the project is likely to require maintenance then we will tell you about this at the beginning of the project.  You can and should charge your client for on-going maintenance and support of the web site.  This offers an opportunity to grow the profitability of the customer account by providing changes and updates to what the web site does.

You might be of the mind that: I can do all this myself and save money.  Whilst you may have some of the technical skills required, using us will free up your time whilst ensuring the quality and reliability of the solution.  We have the technical expertise that is required to produce a robust, high quality, high performance, scalable, reliable solutions.  Just add the design…

Being able to offer complex and technical solutions with great design will attract a higher number of profitable clients.   Clients with complex needs will no longer go to your competitors or other companies with high levels of programming expertise.

Quietly and conveniently add technical expertise to your team.  We will never contact your clients we work quietly and diligently on the project in the background to get it right for you.

Offer a more complete product/service portfolio.  You can now offer large database driven web sites, content managed solutions, systems that connect and use data from other sources over the Internet and solutions that use mobile technologies including SMS/Apps/Mobile web.

We offer a free: Can it be done? Email service where you can submit your ideas/requirements and we reply within 48 hours with a response which gives you the answers to whether the project can be done and what is required, including the timeframe involved for development and the approximate cost of development.

Avoid the risks associated with using ODesk and Elance sourced talent.  We are qualified real people based here in the UK available to talk to on the phone and even in person if required.  This is a lot more substantial and solid arrangement than a casual use of a programmer sourced from these freelance sites.  We provide a high quality service which is far superior and more reliable than using other services.  We don’t see this as a short term relationship, we see this as a long term successful partnership.

If your existing clients contact you one day and ask for some additional functionality on their web site, could you provide them with the solution?  With a partnership with us you can.

As far as your client is concerned the solutions we create has been developed in house in your design company unless you choose to tell them otherwise.  We work quietly in the background to produce all the code and configuration necessary to make things work well.

Expand you team with a new working relationship with us, we promise to do a brilliant job you will be delighted with and at a very reasonable cost, with great payments terms too.

For free we will: Help you devise the specification and requirements for your client.  We will help you (by answering your questions and supplying relevant information) sell the benefits of the solution to the client.  We will produce the code and upload and test it until it works flawlessly.  We will guide you through and explain every aspect of the completed solution so you can demonstrate it to your client.

You can now have an experienced and knowledgeable technical contact to ask about any aspect of a technology you are thinking about using or offering in your design agency.  If you discover a new technology we can advise you about whether it’s a good fit for the web site you are thinking about. We welcome any query from our partners via email at any time.

Why don’t you start a conversation with us about some of your technical plans for the future, some of the things you would like to implement in future web site projects.  Either email Phil at: or use the contact form, you can be sure that we will get back to you within 24 hours (we always do).

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